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Season 1: (2013/14)                                                                                                                      
Episode 1: "The Club" March 12, 2013
If you have nothing to do, make a club out of your blankets as the walls. You need a bunkbed to do it. Nothing provided.

Episode 2: "Book Movies" March 20, 2013                                                                                           This episode is talking about books that would make amazing movies!

Episode 3: "Weird Obsessions" March 25, 2013                                                                                   We'll have stuff to share about weird obsessions. We also have an amazing random (non-scripted) play involving a debate of cheese. Special guest: Rhea Caillier.

Episode 4: "Star Wars" January 29, 2014                                                                                            Cody, dressed as Darth Vader, battles Luke Skywalker to kill time before class.

Episode 5: "Jenga" March 16, 2014                                                                                                      Rhea does a funny parody of an insurance commercial.

Episode 6: "The Ball Fight" March 23, 2014                                                                                         Three new skits including fighting over a yoga ball, caterpillar vs yoga ball, and the cowboy and his strange steed.

Episode 7: "Magic" March 30, 2014
Cody introduces the 'Myrna' beast; Cody does a magic trick; vote for Team Cody or Team Austin.

Episode 8: "Divorce" April 6, 2014
Bryan and Cody do a skit about divorce; Bryan tries to find Cody in the dark.

Episode 9: "Spring Break" April 13, 2014
Bryan and Cody so a skit about Spring Break; Bryan and Cody play with a balloon; a frog is executed.

Episode 10: "Easter" April 20, 2014
This episode will feature a funny skit of Jesus defeating a boxing match.

EXTRA: "Behind the Scenes" April 27, 2014
This extra includes a residential tour of the MILLZZPRODUCTIONZ set.

Episode 11: "Mother's Day" May 11, 2014
Bryan and Cody do a MILLZZPRODUCTIONZ for their mom, along with their baby brother Isaiah.

Episode 12: "Cooking Show" May 18, 2014
Cody tells jokes while Bryan makes tea.

Episode 13: "Summer" June 8, 2014
Enjoy three skits of people who really know how to live summer.

Episode 14: "Back 2 School" August 10, 2014
The same skits from the summer episode are remade as the people going back to school.

Episode 15: "So You Think You're Evil" August 17, 2014
Don't miss the battle of the villains.

Episode 16: "The Three Musketeers" August 31, 2014
Three musketeers, Bryan, Cody, and Isaiah battle to see whom is the bravest; Isaiah tells jokes as a dummy.

Episode 17: "Carl's Jr Spectacular" September 7, 2014
Myrna goes to Carl's Jr; Cody interviews a Carl's Jr employee.

Episode 18: "Millzzpredictionz" September 14, 2014
Bryan, Cody, and Austin make predictions.

Episode 19: "Talent Show" September 21, 2014
Bryan and Cody show off their talents.

Episode 20: "The Witch and Werewolf" October 31, 2014
In this Halloween season finale, don't miss the introduction of Brenda the Witch and the Werewolf Who ate Too Many Doughnuts. 

Season 2: (2014/15)
Episode 1: "Time For Christmas" December 21, 2014
Don't miss the show's epic Christmas season premiere including the story of Jesus and a mash up of different holiday songs.

Episode 2: "New Year's Resolutions" December 28, 2014
Hear New Year's Resolutions from the cast.

Episode 3: "It's 2015" January 4, 2015
See movies coming this year; the nerd is happy about the end of Christmas Break; Bryan and Cody are gonna rock 2015!

Episode 4: "Superheroes" January 18, 2015
See Myrna battle Superman and join the debate of Batman vs Spiderman.

Episode 5: "Valentines" February 8, 2015
We have a new cast member, Rocky the talking stuffed frog who will fight Austin; meet Myrna's sister!

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